Transcribing the Princess Video


This is a followup to the “Monetizing the Princess Video” post discussing the Princess Breakfast YouTube video I posted and then monetized with Google Ads. Today, (December 30th, 2014) the video received a Closed Caption / audio transcription for the English Language. I started this process by reaching out to an audio transcriber on, […]

Target Keywordfest: Ranking and Traffic for BSS.

bethsshoppingcents630 was created to be my wife’s bargain and shopping site – purely a place for her to post the knowledge she had accrued in line with shopping for deals in general for kids clothes/toys at clearance sales at rummages …everywhere else But, in an effort to help with hosting costs (and to better hone  my […]

Monetizing the Princess Video


At the time of this post, the video of us meeting Snow White at our Walt Disney World Princess Breakfast is currently hovering at 1,959 visits. While I have monetized several of my YouTube videos, this is the only one that is really actively searched (and then viewed). I am going to track its progress to see […]

No More Moo’s


It’s the end of a bovine era. …my favorite Pick n Save is closing and the mooing cow that has sat above the dairy section for decades, will entertain kids (and likely, annoy staff), no more. When you press the button on the wall, the cow would bellow loud enough to hear from anywhere in […]